Dashboard Vision offers full-service online data product design services that are highly customizable. Our solutions include web design, data visualization, dashboards and SaaS product development.  We do this efficiently and cost-effectively with our flexible, open-source technology and experienced engineering team. Our services enable businesses, entrepreneurs and consultants to bring their data products to market quickly, differentiate themselves from competitors and create ongoing revenue opportunities.

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With its advanced syndicated research programs, Shopper Intelligence provides critical “voice of the shopper” insights for its clients.  Dashboard Vision brings all that knowledge and expertise to the Web enabling its clients and partners to be up and running quickly with dashboards and online reporting.

“We reached a certain point where we needed clients to access our data via the internet but moving to an online platform required a team that not only understood research but could do the web design and database management.  That’s why we chose DashboardVision” - Roger Jackson, Shopper Intelligence

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The market research consulting firm i3rg wanted to provide its healthcare client with a series of dashboards and online reports so it could better monitor its customer satisfaction data.  Dashboard Vision stepped in and created a quick and easy view to their data.

“Now my client is really happy about not having to spend hours each week putting together reports.  His internal customers have the most up to date data whenever they need it.” Darryl Chan, i3rg

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