Shopper Intelligence grows business by offering instant access to online visuals

“As our business grew, more and more clients wanted to be able to search for the data online.  PowerPoint  reporting was just not going to be a long-term solution.  Dashboard Vision was able to understand what we needed and created a custom platform that is flexible enough for even our most demanding clients.”   - Roger Jackson, Shopper Intelligence

Companies REly on Shopper IntelligencE for shopper research

Every year Shopper Intelligence collects vital information for their customers about the brands consumers buy.  They rely on Shopper Intelligence's insights and trends to build innovative and data-driven marketing plans. 

But They Didn't have An Easy Way to Share New data quickly

Shopper Intelligence gathers huge amounts of information but they didn't have a quick and easy way to disseminate it.  As a result, their clients had to wait days to get access to the newest data in order to make marketing decisions. Shopper Intelligence also struggled to quickly get their latest insights into the hands of their partners to drive sales efforts.

Now CUSTOMIZEd data Visuals are Easily accessible oNLINE 

Dashboard Vision’s software platform unlocked Shopper Intelligence's data to makes it easily accessible, giving their customers access to only the parts relevant to them.  And we were able to give Shopper Intelligence exactly what they wanted as our graphs and charts are highly customizable using the latest Java Script and HTML 5 libraries.

Data Visuals that used to take days, now ready in Minutes 

Now Shopper Intelligence's clients can see the latest data online within minutes and not days. Each user has their own personalized space where they see what interests them. There is also a Business Builder tool which guides users through their most pressing business questions leading them straight to the data visual which answers what they are looking for.