Event date: February 27-28, 2018
Location: Marriott Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, New York, United States

We are excited to announce that we are joining this major 2 day research event in the United States, organized by Quirks media!

If you are looking for innovative ways to build a narrative for your clients, to offer them editalbe PowerPoint reports, to better understand their needs with client analytics, and much more - come see us at Kiosk L in room 3. We will be happy to talk to you and answer your questions.

You can find more about the event here.


Event date: October 25-26, 2017
Location: Munich, Germany

We teamed up with Data Expert to create an online tool that allows sales professionals, consultants and analysts to choose the cuts of data they want, view a library of slides, and output custom PPT reports with native PPT graphics - all in an easy "point and click" interface.

Visit our workshop on Thursday 26 October in Room 5, learn more about this tool and join the discussion on the challenges in online and offline reporting.

Please click here for an overview of this leading trade show for market research that gathers together more than 3 thousand participants!

Marketing Week Live 2014, London, UK

Event date: June 25-26, 2014
Location:  London, England
DashboardVision will showcase its dashboard technology at this leading UK marketing event.
Visit the DashboardVision team at booth E412! 

Please click here for an overview of the event

The International Shopper Insights in Action 2013

Event date: 5-7 Nov, 2013
Location:  Prague, Czech Republic

The world's most influential FMCG suppliers and retailers shared the best practices, industry innovation and illustrated the value of activation at retail. The DashboardVision was one of the sponsors!

Please click here for an overview of the event.

Research & Results 2013, Münich, Germany

Event date: October 23-24, 2013
Location:  Munich, Germany

Over 3,300 participants and 150 companies attended this leading international trade show for market research. Participants included key global leaders and a multitude of small and medium sized enterprises. DashboardVision exhibited at booth 128-2! 

Please click here for an overview of the event.