I3rg  gains edge with modern online reporting

“We were looking for a partner who could help us offer our clients modern online reporting as well as be able to do custom work that would give us an “edge” over traditional market research agencies.  Partnering with Dashboard Vision helped us to achieve that aim.”   - Darryl Chan, i3rg


I3rg offers custom research solutions for its clients

I3RG is a custom research firm that has built its business on being able to do tailor-made research at a fraction of the cost of larger research firms.  Clients value their expertise and love the extra time and attention they receive.

Their clients wanted to see across and drill into the data

The research firm collects a lot of information but lacked a way to allow their clients to use it more thoroughly and gain visibility across the organization. In particular, they wanted to provide a healthcare client with a series of dashboards and online reports so the company could better monitor its customer satisfaction data.  Dashboard Vision stepped in and created a quick and easy view to their data online.

With Dashboard Vision, Data is Easily available Online

Using Dashboard Vision’s client management software,  I3RG's customers can now access all of the data they need to gain deeper insights. Clients are able to easily and quickly peruse all of the data available to them and drill down specifically to an individual customer’s scores.  This helps them to make critical decisions about satisfaction levels, business activity and anticipate future needs.