About us

Dashboard Vision was founded by a great group of people who believed they could combine their expertise in dashboard technology (making the dashboards come alive with data!), project management (making sure the project is delivered on time and to specification) and sales (building client relationships) to deliver online portals that “wow” but at the same time don’t exceed clients’ budgets. We help build your data online, give your users access to it and host it for you in our portal. We have built and deployed custom solutions for SMEs and Fortune 500 companies across the following industries:

  • Banking
  • Consulting
  • Industrial
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Market research
  • Retail
  • Software
  • Telco

Dashboard Vision is easy to work with! Our offices are located in the UK and Europe, we serve clients on three continents and our full support services are open to all our customers.

Meet the Team

Marya Kaska, Director of Consulting


Marya brings 20 years of professional experience in the fields of data visualisation, consulting and project management to Dashboard Vision clients. She has over 8 years of experience designing interactive dashboards and deploying them successfully in websites and internal company portals. Prior to her current position, Marya led the European consulting operations for various customer experience management companies where she deployed B2B customer feedback programs.  Her professional interests include data visualisation, cross-cultural survey research, and quantitative research methods. She holds an MBA in International Management from Middlebury and a BA from UC Santa Cruz. When she is not busy helping clients, she enjoys volunteer English teaching at local schools, Hungarian cooking and reading about advances in brain research.

Tibor Darabont, Director of Operations


Tibor drives Dashboard Vision’s strategic growth,  business development and account management using his 20+ years of experience working in finance, sales and management at global companies such as Intel and Cisco.  He completed his master’s degree in computer engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague and earned his MBA at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.  He serves as the president of the Csanak Association, a local civic organization in the town of Gödöllő. Tibor is also the captain of an amateur table tennis team.

János Apáti, Director Engineering

János has over 25 years of experience in IT where he has developed, implemented and delivered enterprise applications to a diverse set of clients. At Dashboard Vision, he manages our the design, development, and quality assurance of all our dashboard products.  His programming and IT expertise has enabled him to develop unique dashboard solutions, survey software, educational software, office management systems, as well as manage IT operations. Prior to joining Dashboard Vision, he co-­developed a web­-based gas forecast management system for Égáz­Dégáz, subsidiary of GDF SUEZ. János has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the prestigious Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. He is fluent in English, Czech and Hungarian.  In his free time, he teaches philosophy at the international non­profit cultural association, New Acropolis.

Ernő Nagy, Senior Engineer

Ernő graduated from Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest with a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Programming.  He has over 15 years of experience working in a multitude of programming languages, as well as managing databases and servers.  Of note is his expertise in Linux operating systems. Prior to joining Dashboard Vision, he was co-developer in a web-based gas forecast management system for ÉgázDégáz, subsidiary of GDF SUEZ as well as a variety of other programming projects for various companies. After work, Ernő likes dancing and studying philosophy.

andras Weinacht, Senior developer

Andras is Dashboard Vision’s senior web developer with over 13 years of experience in web technologies including PHP, MySQL, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and Linux.  He has worked on a variety of website projects that include user experience, content management and system administration. In his free time, he likes to hike, run and cook.

Eszter Takacs, Senior Project Manager

Eszter Takacs.jpg

Eszter has been working in market research for 10 years, as a quantitative researcher for consumer surveys at several agencies in Hungary and Belgium, with her main area of focus being data analysis. As a project manager at Dashboard Vision, she helps the data and the IT teams to connect with the research team for the appropriate data visualization of shopper surveys. She likes to spend her spare time outdoors and/or enjoying some good music.

Brigitta Font, Project Manager

Brigitta Font.jpg

Brigitta has 8 years of professional experience in managing various market research projects. Previously she worked for an international market research institute where she gained expertise in designing questionnaires, checking questionnaires’ programs and databases, as well as in analyzing and interpreting data. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Corvinus University of Budapest. In her free time, she enjoys yoga and playing board games.

Balázs Iván, Front-End Engineer

Balazs Ivan.jpg

Balázs is the manager of front-end development for Dashboard Vision's projects. For more than 15 years he's been designing and developing websites and web applications with a multitude of technologies including PHP, NodeJS, SQL and NoSQL, DevOps tools, and other CSS and JavaScript-based technologies. He has acquired experience in various fields like webshop and bidding systems, e-learning, social marketing, CRM product development and developer management. When away from his keyboard, you'll find him hiking the great outdoors, in the swimming pool or tinkering with his next scale model.